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Hey Mo!

Hey Mo Amer,


Hey Mo final 


We've seen your shows and we think you're dope! Thanks for being a huge inspiration of culture and caring about the ummah with your activism. Representation matters and we're blessed to have you.

We made this video for you which sums up our ask, it's to support a small business like ours by being open to an interview. We'd love to get your thoughts on our mission and the more people that talk about it. The faster we get people towards our goal of healing muslims across the world with plant medicine. 

Hemp has a bad rep, but that's not gonna stop us. 

+ Our social impact program supports Muslims wrongfully incarcerated by the war on drugs. We donate 2.5% of our earnings to our first recipient, Malaysian prisoner Yasin who could potentially face lifetime imprisonment for self medicating. 

Hey friends, we need your help too! Spread the word by reposting this video on your social accounts. You can find the links below. The more we make noise, the more we are seen and heard. The more lives we save with halal CBD and help our community find peace and relief. 

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